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Ruslan has helped me so much. I first went after falling off a ladder twisting my knee and badly bruising my hip. All sorted after a few sessions. Then couple of years later my back seized up and I literally couldn't move. Three sessions over three days and walking on my own. And it's all very gentle. Can't thank him enough! Thanks Ruslan!

Luz-Marie Crockett


I cannot recommend N12 Health enough. It is so clear that every single member of staff and student care about your journey to optimal well being! I have improved in areas that I thought would never have even mattered to my health, they offer support post “cracking” and ensure that you still maintain the relief and improvement. Amazing environment. Highlight of my week!

Brogan Romano


Guys, you are magicians!

Super friendly and very informative, Rus has explained my scans and plan in full, yet easy to understand detail. I finally, after years (about 10...) Am understanding the root of my pain and why other things haven't worked. I'm excited to see my wellness improve.

Viccy Gardiner

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Rated “Excellent” by 100+ Happy Patients

Discover the Path to a Pain-Free Life and Optimal Health...
Back and neck pain can profoundly impact your daily life, making work and leisure difficult. Chiropractic care provides natural and enduring relief, unlike over-the-counter solutions.

At Douglas Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, we offer a whole-body approach and we effectively treat a vast range of conditions and symptoms, incorporating manual adjustments, stretches, exercises, and lifestyle changes, to deliver long-lasting relief and wellbeing.


Chiropractic Care is for You if You're Suffering from:


Back Pain


Neck Pain




Joint Pain


Frozen Shoulder



We accept all major insurance plans!

Chiropractic and Physio are included in most health insurance plans, such as VHI, Laya, Aviva, the GAA Injury Scheme and St. Paul’s Garda Medical.


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Welcome to our Clinic

Douglas Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is Ireland’s first combined chiropractic and physiotherapy practice.

Individualised Treatment

Holistic Approach

Highly-Qualified Team

We welcome you and your family to enjoy a first-class healing experience. Rest assured our team will provide friendly service and outstanding care to help you achieve your health goals!


775A High Rd, London N12 8JY

Meet our Doctors of Chiropractic

Ruslan Stoyanov

Clinical Director
Ruslan Stoyanov

N12 Health

Dr Paul McCrossin

Yiyang Cheah

Dr Yiyang Cheah

Tao Yang Tham

Dr Tao Yang Tham

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing that your treatment is performed by a registered chiropractor, then chiropractic care is extremely safe. Your first visit to us will include a thorough examination which is essential for the chiropractor to diagnose your condition and assess your needs. A chiropractor will only adjust you if it is appropriate to do so. A small number of patients may experience mild stiffness for a few days after their first adjustment.

If you have private health insurance it may cover chiropractic care. Claiming is a straightforward process, and we regularly work with many medical health insurance companies so we know exactly what is required.

Loose fitting clothes are fine. We’ll ask you to perform a series of range of movement tests so it’s best not to feel too constricted! You will be offered a gown to wear if you prefer and given privacy to change.

Your first two appointments will be a Consultation and Report of Findings. In the Consultation, your Chiropractor will assess your condition and complete an in-depth medical history in order to identify the best approach for tackling your complaints and get you back to feeling like your best self again.

Our chiropractors will then need at least 24 hours to create a bespoke treatment plan for you which will be discussed in the second appointment, the Report of Findings. Your chiropractor will tell you what is causing your symptoms and make recommendations for care with a personalised plan; setting out your options and the expected timescale for your recovery.

If you then decide to take up chiropractic care, this is where your first adjustment will take place. There are three phases you will move through as part of your plan of care.

Our priority will be to correct and relieve your immediate problems, but we will also be working to stabilise your body and maintain long-term wellness after the initial complaints have been addressed.

Your first two appointments will be a Consultation and Report of Findings which are half an hour long and take place on different days.

Our chiropractors conduct a thorough assessment of your musculoskeletal system to identify the cause of your pain and recommend a plan of care to get you back to health. We treat a variety of conditions including back pain, hip pain, migraines, tennis elbow, knee pain, sciatica, headaches, and frozen shoulder. Whilst most people come to us because of pain, they usually enjoy many more unexpected long-lasting health benefits.

The consultation visit is designed for the chiropractor to collect all of the information he or she will need to make a clear, concise plan that will help you. Our chiropractors need time to populate this bespoke plan and therefore, adjusting before a plan has been formulated by the chiropractor and agreed upon by the patient interrupts the order in which care logically takes place.

Chiropractic care can certainly help you. It can help anybody who has a spine that delivers messages to and from the brain via the spinal nerve.

We have helped thousands of people get out of pain and back living their life to full, but the best person to advise you further is one of our chiropractors.

N12 Health
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