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N12 History

The practice was first established in1999 as a part of ‘Back to Health’ group of practices. Paul McCrossin had been working for ‘Back to Health’ in their head office when he first came over to the UK from Australia and was asked to set the new practice up in Finchley. He then purchased the practice from ‘Back to Health’ group and it became the Back to Health Wellness Centre until 2016 when Paul’s wife, Charlotte joined the practice and they rebranded to ‘N8 Health’.

Ruslan has joined the practice to work alongside Paul in 2018 and purchased it few years later from ‘N8 Health’ and rebranded it to ‘N12 Health’ which he thought might me more suitable name for the area it is situated in. Ruslan’s wife Miriam also joined the team in 2021 giving a helping hand at the practice.